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The Peak Performance Formula is an interactive training program that teaches you how to implement cutting-edge, science-based techniques into your life, multiplying your productivity, improving your health, and helping you achieve a lifetime of success.


How the
Peak Performance
Formula Works


6-week interactive course

Synthesizes the best of what research has uncovered about the science of top performance

Less than 90 minutes per week time commitment

Translates the latest science into practical action items you can immediately use


Weekly Lessons

Each week, we’ll examine a different aspect of top performance.

 Personalized Insights

Personalized Insights

Take key assessments and learn how you can amplify your success by working to your strengths

Step-By-Step Worksheets

Go beyond theory with interactive exercises that show you exactly how to apply the insights

 Executive Summaries With Key Takeaways

Executive Summaries With Key Takeaways

Find out everything you need to know quickly, with detailed action items for each topic

 Roadmaps And Templates

Roadmaps And Templates

Save time with practical, easy to use, Done-For-You examples

 Join An Exclusive Network Of High Achievers

Join An Exclusive Network Of High Achievers

Exchange best practices and grow your network with a unique cohort of top performers.

 Learn At Your Pace

Learn At Your Pace

Get extended access to all the recordings and watch (or review) on your schedule.


What Makes This Course Different?



Cutting-edge content.

Based on Dr. Friedman’s popular series for the Harvard Business Review, The Peak Work Performance Formula is the only research-based course that translates cutting-edge scientific findings into practical techniques.



Relentlessly actionable.

You won’t just learn the latest insights -- you’ll receive step-by-step instructions on how to integrate them in your life, along with self-assessments, exercises, and online tools.



An award-winning instructor.

Taught by Ron Friedman, Ph.D., an award-winning psychologist and the author of The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace.



Support and accountability.

You’ll receive access to a community of top performers with whom you can discuss your progress, share key takeaways, and exchange best practices.


Is the
Peak Performance Formula
right for you?


To be clear, the Peak Performance Formula is not like most research-based courses.

We won’t be reading journal articles, discussing theory, or writing term papers. Instead, we're going to jump right into the action items, giving you the strategies and tools you need to see immediate results. Everything you need to get more done, elevate your energy level, and free up your time.

With that in mind, please read the following carefully to make sure this program is right for you.

While the material we cover in this course is relevant to just about everyone, there are a few audiences for whom this program is not ideal.


The Peak Performance Formula is NOT for you if…



You have no control over how you work.

If your job offers no flexibility over how you spend your working hours (for example, if you operate a cash register all day long), then this course may not be ideal. The strategies we discuss are designed to help you optimize the way you work by teaching you techniques for calibrating your work activities to your body’s energy level, empowering you to get more done in less time.

You can’t devote 90 minutes per week to learning.

Optimizing your performance will require a time investment on your part, at least at the beginning. To get the most out of this course, we recommend planning on 90 minutes per week to learn the material and integrate the action items into your routine. If you’re truly strapped for time, set your alarm clock to ring an hour earlier just once a week in each of the first 2 weeks. The time savings you’ll achieve thereafter will enable you to learn the materials without adding to your workload.

You are looking for an academic course.

While the recommendations in the program are derived from research in behavioral science, cognitive psychology, and human physiology, we will not be reviewing that material in scholarly depth. This course is strictly focused on helping you achieve peak performance by integrating behaviors that are supported by solid research.


The Peak Performance Formula is PERFECT for you if…



You work all the time, but aren't making enough progress.

Working lots of hours rarely results in exceptional performance. Far better is having strategies in place for distinguishing between busywork and work that matters. You need an action plan for investing your time wisely. With the Peak Performance Formula, you’ll learn how to stay focused on career-defining objectives, how to say no to meetings and commitments that pull you off track, and the one question you should ask to determine what deserves your attention next.

You want a healthier, more sustainable way to work.

One of the central tenets of the Peak Performance Formula is that health is fundamental to top performance. We’ll examine practical ways you can integrate healthful practices into your workday in ways that don’t just make you feel better – they will also elevate your productivity and performance.

You want more time for family, hobbies, or launching a side business.

At a certain point, we all realize it: being successful isn’t enough. We want a full personal life, as well as a stimulating and productive career. Whether you’re seeking more time with loved ones, the freedom to pursue your interests, or if you want the time and energy to launch the next stage of your career, boosting your performance can help. We’ll examine practical techniques for working faster and disconnecting during off hours so that you can restock your mental energy and spend more time doing the things you love.


Achieve Top Performance All Day, Every Day


The PPF Curriculum

Each week, we will unlock a new set of strategies for boosting your productivity, enhancing your energy, and freeing up your time.

We’ll identify specific actions you can take for implementing the strategies in ways that improve your performance.


Week 1

Getting the Best Sleep of Your Life

Achieving peak performance starts with a good night’s rest. On days when we flourish, the seed for success has almost always been planted the night before. In our first lesson, we’ll examine techniques for ensuring that you wake up rested, energized, and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. 

  • What the world’s best sleepers do differently
  • Optimizing your nightime routine
  • How to turn your bedroom into a sleep cave
  • The two lists you should write before lying down
  • Evidence-based techniques for falling asleep

Week 2

Designing Your Morning Routine

What’s the ideal way of starting your workday? In this class, we’ll pinpoint practical ways for you to jumpstart your morning so you can launch your day on the right foot and arrive at the office raring to go.

  • The most important part of an energizing breakfast (hint: it’s not coffee)
  • The “better than nothing” morning exercise routine
  • Time-saving breakfast techniques
  • The first thing to do when you get to your desk
  • The key to prioritizing more strategically

Week 3

Optimizing Your Schedule

One of the most important keys to maximizing your productivity is learning to calibrate your activities to your mental state. When you do things is as important as how you do them. This workshop will show you how to schedule your day for maximum leverage of your time.

  • The performance benefits of scheduling to your strengths
  • A cognitive psychologist's guide to plowing through your email
  • How to prevent distractions from hijacking your day
  • Strategies for protecting your best hours
  • How to diplomatically say no (including word-for-word email templates you can copy and paste)

Week 4

Staying Energized, All Day Long

Performing at your best requires more than motivation – it demands high and sustainable levels of energy. In this session, you’ll discover a holistic approach to enjoying natural, all-day energy that powers you to work at your very best.

  • How the foods we eat influence our productivity
  • Using fitness and rest to optimize your performance
  • What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • Short-circuiting procrastination before it happens
  • How to work productively, even when you’re tired

Week 5

Generating Creative Solutions

There’s a scientific approach to creativity – one that you can leverage as needed, to generate fresh ideas on demand. At the end of this session, you’ll know how to command it.

  • The key to producing creative ideas on a regular basis
  • The best place to go when you need a creative breakthrough
  • Why some forms of exercise are better for creativity than others
  • How to make smarter decisions when you need them most

Week 6

Using Downtime Intelligently

All work and no play doesn’t make you productive. In fact, it may the very thing holding you back. This session will teach you how to leverage the latest biological research to recover during your downtime, so that you can continue performing at a high level over an extended period.

  • The secret to recovering from burnout
  • Why sitting still is rarely satisfying – and what to do instead
  • How the most successful people use their weekends and vacations

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